Video Poker

Video poker comes in many variations, all of which add a different twist. Most people are at least vaguely aware of how to play it, if they have engaged at all in poker among friends. The interface for video poker in an online casino is almost identical to that of a land-based casino, so there is little adjustment from that standpoint.

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Video Poker At Its Basic Level

Learn about how video poker is played both at land based casinos and at online casinos featured here in this section of our site.

How To Play Video Poker:

Video poker's many versions are based, more or less, on card ranks that will carry more value in one game than in others. Let's illustrate. There is a video poker variation called "Deuces Wild," in which the two's (2's) are very valuable to the player. They are, in fact, a "wild," which means that they can be used to complete winning combinations. So if you had three Kings, the presence of a two, or "deuce," would make that Four of a Kind, which constitutes a generous payoff.

If you were playing the video poker variation of Jacks or Better, however, the two's would really only have value if you possessed three of them or more, or if they were part of a straight or a flush.

You will encounter a number of different variations of video poker. Each of them deals with a pay table. That pay table will lay out the various winning hands you can achieve and how much they pay. For the most part, the best hand you can hope to have is a Natural Royal Flush, which contains all the cards from ten through Ace of the same suit, without the benefit of being helped by any wild cards.

There is a rather simple process involved in playing video poker. You'll choose your bet level, then click the button that indicates the "Deal" command. You'll get five cards, and then you will make the determination as to which cards to keep. You will click the button in front of those cards, which indicates "Hold." The other cards are thrown away, or "discarded." Then you'll receive new cards to replace those you got rid of, and the hand plays out. You are immediately notified as to whether or not you won.

Video Poker Tips:

Here are some tips that hopefully will allow you to get a little something extra out of your video poker game:

• Remember that the game variation and the rules that accompany it have a bearing on what some of your strategy decisions might be. You'll want to keep a two, for example, in a "Deuces Wild" game, while it has limited value in "Jacks or Better."

• This may sound silly, but don't confuse the functions of holding and discarding. Some people click the "Hold" button, when what they're really looking to do is indicate which cards they are looking to get rid of.

• Respect your bankroll; that is, don't make bets that are too large in relation to it.  Miscalculating your staying power will often force you to quit before you intended.

• Make sure that you are very familiar with the payouts that are available for the various hands, because as you continue to play you'll find out that these payouts have a bearing on your playing decisions.

• If you are going to break up a possible flush or a straight, it would make sense to have something else with real possibilities in mind.

• Know some of the options that are available to you. Depending on the software developer of the game you're playing, you may be able to employ an "AutoPlay" program. What this does is automatically plays your hands for you. It may not be the absolute best decision on the basis of mathematics, but it will be a decision that keeps you in the running to win something. Ideally, you'll want to study some strategy so you wouldn't have to use AutoPlay.

• Keep in mind that some software providers have the facility for you to play multiple hands at the same time; in fact, up to a hundred. This can multiply winning, but it takes more to bet.