Out of all the games that are available to be played in a casino, the one that might be the simplest to play is that of slots. You don't necessarily need any special skills or talent; you just click the button and the reels start to spin.

The Top 5 Canadian Player Online Casino Sites

The online casinos featured in the listing below are the top online casinos for Canadian players. Enjoy playing in Canadian dollars as these top rated casinos, get 24/7 toll-free customer support with local numbers in Canada, get great games powered by the best casino software providers and more.

Online Casino Rank Bonus Payout Rating Links
1 Maple Casino Maple Casino CAD$ 500 98.11% 4.6 / 5 Download | Review
2 Platinum Play Casino Platinum Play Casino CAD$ 1,000 98.56% 4.8 / 5 Download | Review
3 Roxy Palace Casino Roxy Palace Casino CAD$ 1,250 98.21% 3.2 / 5 Download | Review
4 All Slots Casino All Slots Casino CAD$ 1,600 98.58% 4 / 5 Download | Review
5 Jackpot City Casino Jackpot City Casino CAD$ 1,600 98.41% 4.8 / 5 Download | Review

Slots (Slot Machines) At the Basic Level

Learn about how slots is played both at land based casinos and at online casinos featured here in this section of our site.

How To Play Slots:

Slots are governed by paylines; when winning combinations go across paylines that are enabled, you will be a winner and get paid according to the pay table that you'll be able to see on the interface. There is a way to construct your bet; you have to select the specific coin denomination you want to play, along with the number of coins, and the number of paylines you want to enable.

What you're going to be looking to do, if you in a five-reel game, for example, is to get to bonus rounds and win free spins, among others. This is where some of the rules come into effect. For example, there is the wild symbol, which can complete any winning combinations. Then there are also scatter symbols, which help you progress toward beneficial things, like bonus games. Generally, three of them have to appear on the screen for you to take you to a subsequent round. You can also exercise the option of "doubling" on some games. That is to say, if and when you score a win, you might get the chance to double that, provided you can pick one out of four playing cards that is higher than the card that is face-up.

Slots Tips:

We've got some slots tips that will, at the very least, help you enjoy the game more and possibly improving your chances:

• Choose a game that is comfortable for you, and satisfies you as far as it having enough chances for you to win something. For example, there are players who like the clean, simple look of a three-reel game that has one or three paylines. Others like something that is a bit more involved, with wilds, scatters, bonus games and paylines all over the place.

• Make sure you understand the limitations of your bankroll. That means if you go into a session, you know what your average wager should be, in order to keep yourself in the casino for as long as possible. You don't want to get blown out of the action before your time. And the more spins you can do, the more chances you'll get to go after a win.

• Learn about the symbols that can be of benefit to you in a slot game. We are referring to wild symbols, scatter symbols, bonus symbols and the like.

• Investigate going to "AutoPlay," which allows you to play the same bet over and over again without touching the buttons any further. If you are going to put a consistent bet out there, this can help you minimize mistakes.

• Make the decision as to whether you want to engage in progressive slots, which can offer huge payouts. Find the running jackpot totals on the casino's website or within the software, and pick the progressive games that might be worthwhile to play.

• What you want to steer clear of are betting strategies that profess to, in and of themselves, give you an advantage over the games. One of the most popular among these strategies is a "Martingale" strategy, which calls for you to double bets after losses. This can wind up being a very easy way to push you past the house limit, after which there is never any opportunity to recover.