Baccarat is a game that perhaps some people shy away form, because they feel it is not for them. That is the imagery that has developed through the years. But when it is played online, the game is extremely viable, not to mention accessible, to the public. Learning the rules is the first obstacle.

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Baccarat at the Basic Level

Learn about how baccarat is played both at land based casinos and at online casinos featured here in this section of our site.

How to Play Baccarat:

Baccarat is a played with a deck of 52 cards, just like other card games. The two "competitors" that are involved here are the Player and the Banker. When you sit down to play, you can wager on either of those, or on a tie.

The process goes like this - the Player and the Banker are both going to receive two cards to the hand. Remember that the absolute best hand one can get in the game of baccarat is nine (9). Nothing ten (10) or over counts.. For the purposes of playing baccarat, the second digit  is operative. So for a 14, that number would be a four (4). For a two-card 17, it would be seven (7). And it goes from there.

Your objective is not to play better; in fact, you are not going to be making any playing decisions at all. What you want to do is bet on whatever hand wins, or win with a tie. The way it works is that you will get paid even money with a winning bet on either the Player or the Banker, but no so fast, because the winning wagers will require you to give back a 5% commission tot house, which wipes out any advantage you may have had with a Banker bet. A winning bet on a tie pays off at 8-to-1 odds.

Baccarat Tips:

Here are some suggestions that might help you improve your chances playing baccarat:

• Understand how the entire procedure works. You don't want to get caught making the wrong kind of bet, for the wrong amount, because you don't know how the game is played.

• Remember that even though the dynamic of the game designates a "Player" and the "Banker" hand, you are not the "Player" in this scenario.

• This is not a card game like blackjack, where you are going to be able to employ strategy moves in order to improve your chances. Your concentration is on betting on whatever hand you think you are going to win.

• Have some respect for your bankroll. Your challenge is to avoid over-betting, given the amount of total bankroll you have. Keep in mind that there are going to be minimums in these games, and usually they are higher than what you see in most other games.

• Understand that betting on the tie is not something that is going to make any mathematical sense.

• Remember that even though the Banker's hand is going to win most of the time, your advantage by betting on the Banker is going to be nullified by the 5% you have to pay to the house.