Casino Dictionary

It's very tough to play the games if you don't know the lingo. When you visit online casinos, they are going to use a lot of terms you may not be familiar with. These are some of the gambling terms you have to get to know, and believe us, this is just a partial list.

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Casino Dictionary - Glossary of Online Casino Gambling Terms

To understand online casinos and gambling online better it's best to understand and know what some of the terms associated with playing online are. Below we've featured a selection of online gambling terminology we feel best describes some key things to know and to understand. Some of these are applicable to both to online and offline casino gambling.

Action - This refers to the total amount of money you're going to put into play. This is an important term because it factors into that which is required to cash in a bonus.

Cashback - Within the context of online gambling, this is a rebate you are given back on money that you lose in the casino, usually as part of a bonus program or promotion.

Casino Bonus - The incentive an online casino will give you for signing up as a real money customer. Generally this is expressed as a percentage of what your initial deposit is, and you can actually have that money added to your account if you wager a certain multiple of the deposit money plus bonus.

Casino Host - In a land-based casino, this is someone who might recruit high-rollers and tends to their needs while they are a guest. In the online gambling world, a casino host, which might more commonly be referred to as a "casino manager," is someone who personally deals with high-ranking members of a casino's VIP program.

Commission - This represents a percentage the house will take back on winning wagers. It has a particular impact in the game of baccarat, where winning bets on the Banker carry a 5% commission.

Comp Points - These are what you earn by playing frequently at online casinos by way of their loyalty (or VIP) programs. They can eventually be converted into real cash in your account.

House Edge - This is the built-in mathematical advantage the casino may have over you in any given casino game.

Even Money - A bet that pays off at odds of one-to-one.

Flat-Betting - Betting the same amount of money on every hand or round in a game.

High-Roller - A player who has deposited big money into a casino, or is known to wager much larger amounts of money, on average, than usual.

Matchplay - Generally this means the chips or credits a casino will give you along with a deposit. If you get a 100% matchplay bonus, that means the casino will match your deposit with an equal amount, in effect doubling it if you qualify.

One-Armed Bandit - This is a slang term for a slot machine. With the advent of push-button machines, which do not have a lever to pull, the term is used less and less.

Pay Table - Used mostly in slot games, keno and video poker, it shows you what your payout is for various results.

Payline - In a slot game, it is a line or path over which symbols must traverse in order to constitute a winner, and consequently, a payout.

Progressive Jackpot - An amount of money that accumulates, usually over a network of games, and pays out a large sum should some pre-designated event occur.

Push - A tie on some event. Mostly used in blackjack and baccarat.

Rake - This is what the house takes out of a pot in the form of a commission in the game of poker.

Random Number Generator - This is the computer program that is critical to generating random results in casino games. Also known as the RNG.

Rank - This is a playing card's value from a numerical perspective; e.g. cards are "ranked" from a low of two to a high of Ace in games like poker.

Variation - A version of a casino game that may be somewhat different than that which is normally understood to be associated with that game. For example, "Perfect Pairs" is a variation of the game of blackjack.

Wagering Requirement - The amount of action one must put into play before being able to cash a bonus offered by the online casino.