The Mid-Life Crisis Slots Game
January 11, 2016

The Mid-Life Crisis slots game is a 9 payline, 5 reel progressive video slot from RealTime Gaming. Casino players whether they are going through a mid-life crisis or not will find this slots game an exceptionally dynamic that is wildly amusing. The symbols in the game include a middle aged man, who has three women as well as objects that people often associate with mid-life crises such as bikes, parachuting ventures and expensive cars. The Mid-Life Crisis slots game is funny and engaging with many, many ways to win.

When one thinks of a progressive slots game, they often think that there is not a significant amount of ways to win because of the big jackpot possibility, but the Mid-Life Crisis slots game changes that assumption. The casino player will find that they must begin betting at a quarter in this slots game so it may not be the optimum for a low rolling casino player, but that should not deter the casino player from playing. The slots game also has a variety of features as well that provide even more comedy to the slots experience.

Two features in particular that the casino player will delight in are the bonus rounds. The first one is when the casino player sees a gold necklace on the slots reels. When this happens the casino player is given some bonus credits. The second bonus feature is when the three women show up scattered on the reels and begin the bonus round. During the bonus round, the casino player chooses between the miracle youth tonic or the adventure. Each one awards credits, but the tonic aspect provides a funnier experience. The Mid-Life Crisis slots game is one of hilarity to say the least.

To win the progessive jackpot in the Mid-Life Crisis slots game, the casino player must see five cars on a payline with the maximum bet wagered. Once that occurs, the progressive jackpot will unlock and empty itself into the casino player's bank. The Mid-Life Crisis slots game is one of a kind in the area of design by RealTime Gaming. Casino players looking to have fun with the slots will find the Mid-Life Crisis slots game one of the most amusing and whimsical they have ever come across.

RealTime Gaming is notorious for creating and producing games that are charmingly entertaining and the Mid-Life Crisis slots game is no different than some of the other games previously created. What makes this slots game more entertaining however, is that it affords a comical dynamic that is often missing from slots games and ultimately makes the slots game and winning go by quicker. The casino player will also be delighted with the amount of ways in which they can with this particular slots game. RealTime Gaming created the Mid-Life Crisis slots game with the capacity to pour out notable wins to the casino player playing it so they do not feel they are in a crisis while playing. This is why the Mid-Life Crisis slots game is one of the best to emerge in quite some time.

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